If you’re putting a skip on private land such as a driveway or front garden, you’re not going to need a permit. If you want it to go on the roadside, which is classed as a Public Highway, you will have to get a skip permit from your local council.

  1. What is a Skip Permit and do I need one?
    Before you place a skip on any public highway or road (including a pavement) you need to have a skip permit from your local council.  Not having a skip permit is unlawful, you can be liable to a fine, and the skip could be removed at any time. There is no requirement for a permit if you put a skip on private land, such as your driveway, field or private road.
  2. Who applies for and issues skip licenses?
    We at Kirkby Skips arrange a skip hire permit for you at the time of booking.
  3. How long do skip permits last?
    A skip permit typically lasts 7 days.  If you keep a skip for longer than the timeframe allowed by your permit, you may face a fine. Contact us if you need more info on this.
  4. How much do skip permits cost?
    The cost of a skip licence varies depending on where you are. You will see the appropriate skip permit fee in Merseyside fee during the booking process.
  5. Do you need a permit if your skip is on your driveway?
    Although you won’t need a permit from the council if the skip is placed in your driveway, you may still require consent from your landlord (check your lease) or anyone else with whom you share that drive with (eg. neighbours).
  6. What happens if a skip is on the road without a permit?
    Enforcement officers regularly check that skips have valid permits, and if an unlicensed skip is found without one you will face a fine.

We can arrange your Skip Permits

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